Hickory Marching Hawks

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       I love photographing the Hickory Marching Hawks- An award winning ensemble from the Chesapeake, VA area. I have photographed this amazing ensemble for two years now and I love working with the parents, directors, and the students. Never a dull moment in these award winning Marching Hawks. 


           Plus, it brings back beautiful memories from when I use to march 2003-2006. I loved marching season and experiencing these moments with friends. These moments last a lifetime in our mind and deep inside us as we get older. Capturing moments for these kids and parents is why I love it so much.


            Each year I photograph a marching event and professional photographs. I give a lot to my clients and do a lot for them. I offered two packages this year. I had good feed back. I can't wait to see the reactions once the prints come in and I give them out to the parents.



     This experience was fantastic. I love photographing musicians -  young or older. Musicians have this heart and dedication to what they do. The Marchers from Hickory High School have a beautiful dedication towards what they do.  I loved my marching years. Nothing like those moments will ever compare to anything I have ever gone through. Four years of friendships, hard work, practicing, and team work. These years are the moments for these students to accomplish so much in a short period of time. four- five months to be exact. They are in August and go till October/November. They work these long hours and that includes class work once school starts. 

Hickory Hawks Senior Night

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Family Love

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Beautiful Bess

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Beautiful Bess

Our Little Clients Are Important

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Our Little Clients Are Important!

                Remember to have fun with your little clients! Little clients are the highlight of your photography sessions for family. The kids will make your photography session or break it. It is up to us - as a the professional photographer- to make the session go as easy as possible for the family. Kids need to have fun. 

I love to say, " If you think like a kid. Your session will be fun and enjoyable for all parties".
Here are some moments I have captured throughout my Family Sessions of 2013 summer sessions. I hope you noticed the kids are having fun. I have had screaming babies/children. It is up to us as the professional photographer to turn those sad faces upside down!
    * Remember, it is not about you and your needs, but the families needs. 
Be that support and friend. If your session goes over; so be it. Make sure you get those photographs for your clients. I believe my clients importance is way more important than rushing through my sessions. I want my clients to walk out of the session and think:
" Wow, we got through that session and got some great shots."
"She was wonderful with my children!"
I do not want my clients to walk away and think:
 " I am embarrassed" or "How could my child behave like that" or "The photographer didn't get the shots I wanted".
It isn't about us -the professional photographer.  The photography session is about the family; especially the kids.
Have a blessed day!


Kathryn Rincker's Photography News


Photographed the Daedalus Quintet yesterday in Portsmouth. Photographs being posted soon!


I am going to start my wedding adventures in the next week. I will have a portfolio of how I photograph weddings and the behind scenes of a wedding I am photographing! 


Virginia Arts Festival is starting this week! I am excited about the opportunities for me to create beautiful art! 

A big promotion is going to be placed out shortly! Please be on the look out for that!

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